Giving thanks to God for all our Blessings

Slieverue Pastoral Council are providing an opportunity for us to give thanks to God for all the many blessings we receive in our lives. Both our 6 pm Vigil Mass and our 10.30 am Sunday Mass on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October will be offered in thanksgiving for the gift of human life and health, for the harvest, for creation, for the gift and talents that we have been given. Everyone is welcome and you are invited to bring along something that represents your gratitude for God’s Gifts. For example You might like to bring a family photo to give thanks for family,  a religious item to give thanks for the gift of faith, some flowers, some vegetables from the garden, some food,  etc. maybe our younger people might like to bring along a hurl or jersey or some other sporting item, it could be anything you are thankful for. The list is endless and you can probably think of many more things. We will place them all before the Altar and bless them. Of course every Mass is a great prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gift of Jesus Christ who comes among us  through His Word and through the gifts of bread and Wine which become his Body & Blood shared for us so that we can  become His Body broken and shared for other. We look forward to seeing you for our thanksgiving celebrations!