Happy Christmas

Published on December 25, 2022

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Dear Parishioners and Friends
I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you our parishioners of Ferrybank & Slieverue and your families here and far away the blessings of Hope and Love as once again we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. God loved the world so much that he gave us his only Son. Why? So that as he became one with us we too could become one with him and become who we are truly called to be – a people of faith who blossom into a people of Hope and Love, a people of Mercy and Forgiveness, a people of Peace.

I know that there are many people sick at this time, at home and in hospital and care facilities. Others are bereaved and missing their loved ones who died during the year, others alone, worried or perhaps  afraid.  The message of Christmas speaks to us all today. There is no need to be afraid! Have Faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ! What happened in Bethlehem all those centuries ago was all about saving the lonely, the sick and the poor, it was about saving all of us.

Our celebration of Christmas reminds us we have been given a wonderful Gift, Jesus the Son of God, wrapped in simplicity and presented to each one of us. How do we receive the Gift? The only way is with Faith and with this Faith each day will become for us a Christmas Day, a true Day of the Lord, a Day of Joy when we know how much we are loved by God no matter what this world throws at each of us and a Day when we realise that we are called to bring the Gift of Good News of great Joy to all who need to hear it. “Today a Saviour has been born for us. He is Christ the Lord.”

I pray that Christmas 2022 will be filled with Joy for you all and  that 2023 will be filled with Hope and that we can continue the mission of renewing and celebrating our faith in new ways in our Parish communities. God bless all of you Fr. Kieran