Feast of Christ the King


What kind of King is Jesus Christ? The scripture readings of Mass for the feast give us some clues. The image of a shepherd is used in the first reading and psalm. The shepherd described is very similar to the good Samaritan who tends to the wounds of the one lying by the side of the road. So we can say that Jesus kingship, his leadership is about caring especially for the weak and the wounded.
In the second reading Paul indicates that Jesus kingship is connected to the mission given him by the Father to overcome evil and death which afflicts every human being. Jesus Kingship is about saving us from the power of death and giving us life and hope. Finally in the Gospel we meet Jesus as judge. The King who will judge with mercy all who judge him worthy of compassion and kindness when they meet him in the guise of those in need. Jesus Kingship is about sacrifice allowing himself to be broken and shared for others. He is the divine judge not to be feared but to be imitated.