Celebration of Christian Funerals in our Parishes

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Celebration of a Christian Funeral

As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for all of us and was raised from the dead. He destroyed the power of death so that all who believe in him might have eternal life. We trust that the gift of Christian Faith in the Resurrection of the Dead will bring you hope and strength at this difficult time.

When should we contact the Priest and Parish ?

It is hoped that long before a person has died that the family will have informed the priest that their loved one is ill so that he can accompany them with the Sacraments of the Church.

When a loved one dies family members should inform the Priest or Parish Office and  arrange a meeting with the priest or a member of the funeral ministry team. The family will already be familiar with the contact details of the parish office, or the funeral undertaker will provide contact details to the family.

During this meeting you will receive all the assistance you need in planning the funeral of your deceased family member.

Can the funeral of non parishioners take place in our church?

Yes. However only the funeral Mass and burial can be celebrated by the priest for non parishioners. Families of deceased non parishioners should arrange for prayer services in family homes or funeral homes to be provided by priests or ministry teams of their own parish. 

What times are funerals celebrated in our Parish?

Due to the fact that only one priest now ministers in Ferrybank & Slieverue and because of the possibility of having  multiple Masses or funerals  on any particular day & to ensure that each family is treated equally the following times are to be observed for the celebration of funerals. 

Evening Removals should take place no later than 7 pm.

Funeral Masses in Ferrybank are celebrated at 10 am  on weekdays

 Funeral Masses in Slieverue are celebrated at 12 noon on weekdays

In the event of two funerals taking place on the same week day the second funeral is celebrated  at a later time. Later times are only available in the event of another funeral Mass being requested.

No more than two funerals can be celebrated on a weekday

Weekend Funerals

Saturday Funerals

On Saturdays where First communions, or Confirmations are scheduled no funerals will take place

Sunday Funerals

Funeral Masses on Sunday can take place at our regular Sunday Masses. If families wish to have a funeral Mass outside these times then  it must take place at 12.30 pm. This option will only be available if another priest is available to look after earlier Sunday Masses.

Only one funeral  can take place on Sunday

Evening Removals or evening prayer Services are not held  on Sunday’s

Time slots are allocated on a first come first served basis

 Accordingly the Parish Priest reserves the right to change these schedules

Celebration of the Funeral

Prayers for the Deceased

It is customary to have prayers recited in the family home or funeral home before removal of the body of the deceased to the Church. An appropriate time for this prayer service is organised in consultation with the priest, family members and the funeral undertaker. The prayers are led by the priest or a member of the funeral ministry team.

Removal to the Church 

The removal of the body to the Church for the funeral Mass usually takes place on the morning of the Funeral Mass itself or on the previous evening. When the removal takes place on the morning of the funeral Mass the body is received with prayer and Christian symbols are placed on the coffin by family members recalling the deceased persons faith. 

When the removal takes place on the evening before the funeral Mass, the body is received into the church with Prayers of Reception. At this point Christian Symbols are placed on the coffin. again by family members.

If the family wishes to present items which commemorate aspects of the life of the deceased this can be done on the evening or morning of reception into the Church. The presentation of items containing alcohol or prohibited substances is not permitted. 

Celebration of the Requiem Mass

(Funeral Mass Booklet)

During the Mass for the dead we pray for the person who has died entrusting them to the Love and Mercy of God. We give thanks to God for the blessings they received during life and for the good they have done. We pray for consolation for their family and friends. Above all we listen to the voice of God who speaks to us in His Word, assuring us of hope and new life. We receive the Body of Christ, who walks with us on the journey of life and who promises us that we will raise us up from death. The family is always encouraged to participate in the Mass. The priest or member of the funeral ministry team will explain how you can be involved.

Music for the funeral Mass

As a funeral celebrated in a Church is a Christian funeral the music chosen should always be appropriate. A selection of suitable hymns will be provided as well as contact details for parish  musicians and singers.

If a family wishes to have a song or piece of music played other than hymns they are welcome to do so once the Religious Rites have been completed. Undertakers provide specialist sound equipment which can facilitate the playing of music especially in the cemetery.

Eulogy or Words of Appreciation

If a family member wishes to speak after the funeral Mass they are welcome to do so. 

A Eulogy should be brief so that it does not become too difficult for the family member to deliver and should not contain any material that may be offensive to anyone. 

Burial or Cremation

Following the Requiem Mass the body of the deceased is usually brought for burial or cremation. When burial takes place a member of the funeral ministry team or the priest will be available to recite the graveside prayers. 

If the body is to be cremated then the remains can be buried after cremation with prayers after in the family grave.

In keeping with Christian tradition a priest or minister will not be available for services at any other venue where cremated remains may be disposed of. 

Our Parish is happy to provide a live streaming service to  bereaved families  through our webcam so that coverage of their loved ones funeral is provided for family & friends at home and abroad.


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