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Getting Married

Parishes of Ferrybank & Slieverue

Congratulations on your decision to get married and we wish you every blessing as you begin the journey towards your wedding day. Please read the following information and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Parish Office.

First Steps

To be married in the Roman Catholic Church at least one party to the proposed marriage must be Catholic, be both adults, 18 yrs or older and free from any canonical or legal impediment. 

Couples seeking to book the Church of the Sacred Heart Ferrybank or the Church of the Assumption Slieverue should contact the Parish Office and a booking request form will be forwarded. The couple should return the completed Booking Request Form along with the Declaration confirming their Freedom to Marry. Once this documentation is received the couple will receive a response in less than two weeks. 

Regarding the Priest Officiating at your Wedding

If you wish our priest to officiate at your wedding please indicate this on your booking form so that he can confirm his availability / unavailability as soon as possible.  Unfortunately due to many parish commitments he regrets that he will be unable to join you for your Wedding Reception. You are also very welcome to have a priest who is a relative or family friend celebrate your wedding. Please ensure that the priest is registered as a solemniser with the state. He  should also undertake to contact the Parish Office in advance of celebrating your wedding and provide documentary evidence (in compliance with safeguarding regulations) that he is in good standing with his diocesan Bishop or Religious Superior.

Pre-Marriage Course

Because your wedding is a special and important moment in your lives, the Church requires a couple to undertake a Pre-Marriage Course, details of which your  local priest will provide. 

Pre-Marriage Papers

Both of you will need to fill out the pre-marriage papers (Pre-Nuptual Enquiry Forms) with the Parish Priest of Ferrybank & Slieverue if you are currently living in Ferrybank or Slieverue Parish. If you are living elsewhere you will fill them out with priest of the parish where you are currently living, and he will then forward them to he Parish Priest of Ferrybank & Slieverue along with Certificates of Baptism, Confirmation  and Letters of freedom. 

In the situation of an Inter-Faith Marriage between a Roman Catholic & Member of another Christian Church or Non-Baptised person it is necessary to get a dispensation from the Local Bishop. The Priest dealing with your paperwork will direct you on this matter.

For couples living abroad

If you are living abroad you will make an appointment with the parish priest (pastor) where you live ( at least six months or more in advance of the proposed date of your wedding) who will complete your documentation and forward it to the local bishops office in the diocese where you live.  The Papers will then be forwarded to the Bishop of Ossory i.e. the Bishop of the diocese in which the parishes of Ferrybank & Slieverue are located. Please ensure that all documentation is processed in good time. Weddings cannot be celebrated without the necessary documentation. 

Civil Requirements

You must give at least three months Notice to the State. (See list of Registrar Offices overleaf)

You as a couple need to make an appointment to meet in person with any civil registrar to give notice of your intention to marry.

Among the documentation / details you will need to bring once you get an appointment are

  • Photo Identity 

(preferably a passport or driving license)

  • Names and Dates of Birth of witnesses
  • Name of Church where you wish to be married
  • Date of Marriage
  • Name of Priest who will officiate at the Marriage
  • Fee

You will be issued with a Marriage Registration Form which you are responsible for returning the signed to the Office of the Register. This has to be done within one month of the Wedding.

If one or both of you are currently living outside the state an application form must be obtained from the Registrars Office, then completed and returned to that Office. You must present yourselves before the Registrar at least 5 days before the Wedding. You will be given the Registration Form, which you must present to the Marriage Solemniser (Priest), otherwise the marriage cannot be registered.

The Wedding Ceremony

The liturgy

You may find it helpful to discuss the options available for celebrating your wedding with your priest who will help you choose the best format & assist you in choosing Bible readings the form of the vows you will exchange.

The Rite of Marriage can be celebrated in two ways in the Roman Catholic Church.

Nuptial Mass

This is when the Rite of Marriage takes place during a celebration of the Eucharist. 

Rite of Marriage takes place during a Liturgy of the Word (without Mass)

The part where you make your promises is the same in each and both are joyful celebrations.

Whatever option is decided upon it is important that you prepare the ceremony with the priest who will celebrate your wedding. 

Church Music

You will choose Church hymns or liturgical music that is suitable to the Church, to prayer and to the wedding ceremony and you are asked to talk to your priest when confirming your music choice.

Wedding Practice

Wedding practices are to be arranged well in advance with the priest celebrating your wedding, and also arranged with the parish office and Sacristan.

Your Offering to the Parish

For non parishioners a contribution of €300 for the use of the Church is payable on return of the Booking Request Form. Should your booking request be unsuccessful or your wedding cancelled your fee will be returned to you. 

Decorating the Church

Flowers are permitted but because of safety concerns, candles should not be used outside the Sanctuary area of the Church. 

A red carpet is permitted.

The use of Rice, confetti (even if biodegradable)  etc is not permitted inside or outside the church. 

No objects including any kind of candles are permitted on the centre aisle especially on the floor. This area is to be kept clear to comply with health and safety regulations.

Photographers/ Video technicians

Please inform your Photographers that they should introduce themselves to the priest before the ceremony begins. Group photographs (with all guests going up on to the Altar area) are not permitted under any circumstances before or after the wedding ceremony.

Important Addresses & Information

To All completed booking request forms & accompanying documentation are to be returned to..

The Parish Priest of Ferrybank & Slieverue

Parochial House

Ross Road




Parish Office – Tel. 051 830813

For couples living outside the Parish of Ferrybank your priest should forward your wedding papers to the Parish Priest of Ferrybank at the above address.

Pre Marriage Courses

For Pre Marriage Courses in your area please go to

Bishops Office

If you are living abroad your Church wedding papers, once completed by your local priest will be forwarded to the bishop of the diocese where you live and once approved there will be sent to the Bishop of  the diocese of Ossory, the Diocese to which Ferrybank Parish belongs.

Most Rev. Dermot Farrell

Bishop of Ossory

Ossory Diocesan Office

James’s Street

Kilkenny R95 NH60


+353 56 7762448

Registrar of Marriages

Offices where you may  notify the State of your intention to Marry


Joyce House

8 to 11 Lombard Street East

Dublin 2
Phone: 01 863 8200


Community Services

County Clinic

James Green


Phone: 056 778 4756 / 056 778 4711 / 056 778 4708

Email :


Civil registration Office 

Cork Road Waterford 

Phone: 051 842 824 / 051 842 825

for a complete list of Marriage registration offices in Ireland please go to…

If you are living in Ireland and intend to marry abroad you should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs for further Information