Published on May 13, 2020

In these days we continue to pray for Vocations to priesthood and religious life in our diocese. Please pray the following diocesan prayer

Ossory Diocesan Prayer for Vocations Lord Jesus still today you scatter the seeds of vocation among us so that they will take root, grow, & bear fruit. Give to all who feel called to serve in the Church the courage they need to take a first step on the journey towards discovering your plan for them in life. Our diocese needs priests more than ever before who will work with their brothers and sisters in a spirit of co-responsibility for your Church. Our diocese needs priests more than ever before, who will proclaim your Word, celebrate the Mysteries of your Love, be witnesses to the Joy of the Gospel and be instruments of your Mercy. Our diocese needs priests more than ever before to bear testimony to the dignity of Human Life, to the hope that comes from faith, and to the gift of healing & peace that comes through your Cross and Resurrection. Renew O’ Lord in young hearts a spirit of faith, hope and loving service. Renew in our society a culture of care and respect for one another & grant us humble shepherds who will lead all in their care to you.